Sheena, purveyor of snark, whimsy, and profanity since 1981, is currently working on publishing her first book in a desperate attempt to acquire fame, accolades, and to quit her day job. So ingrained with white trash DNA, Sheena gave herself a mullet at age 5 with a pair of acquired scissors.

It wasn’t long after when her writing talent and personality (read: constant trouble at school) surfaced, that she took an interest in making people laugh, especially with memories of her childhood. Friends heavily persuaded her to create this blog and write a book since the tales became prime entertainment in social gatherings. This generally takes up a lot of her time, which is good since she’s usually too broke to go out.

Her life accomplishments include: house training a dachshund, moving from Union County with little to no cat pee stench, finally fixing her credit, and once swimming with a dolphin. Her hobbies include blogging, psychology, burping random words, stalking Robert Downey Jr., pissing excellence, and snorting when she laughs. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC, with her wiener and her wa-wa (her dogs-not code for her being a hermaphrodite), where she can be found digging through thrift stores (and sometimes dumpsters) in search of treasures. Your support of her book and blog insures that someday, she can finally leave the south.

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